Ivry (Fool's Gold)

Rating: NNNN

On 100s’ latest EP, the Berkeley, California, rapper further defines the smooth persona introduced on his debut mixtape, Ice Cold Perm. There are elements here that recall SNL skits like Dick In A Box or Ladies Man, but Ivry’s not ha-ha funny. It will make you smile till your face hurts as you press repeat for the 16th time, but to steal one of his song titles, 100s isn’t “fuckin around.” He presents himself with sophistication, and you take him seriously as a legit mack rapper rather than a farcical Snoop Dogg type wearing ridiculous oversize velvet or fur.

Ivry’s first two tracks are its most straightforward hip-hop. Then he swings full throttle into 70s funk beats and 90s soul grooves for the remainder. The record is as much R&B as it is rap, in fact: Rick Jamesian musicality with an André 3000-evoking spit style. Flourishes like pulsing 80s beats and retro-future vocoder tricks (Different Type Of Love), classic West Coast hip-hop rhythms (Slide On Ya) and twinkly, stuttering outer-space production (Can A Nigga Hit It) only add to the party.

Incredibly seductive.

Top track: Different Type Of Love

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