Holiday Movie Survival Guide: What’s on Netflix Canada

There are 49 films from 2015 on Netflix already – and a bunch of them are actually great

This week, we’re giving you the goods on every movie we reviewed this year and where you can catch each one, online or in theatres. 

For you Netflix heads, here’s the list of titles available now, listed by N-rating. Click on genres to get a list of all films that fall into that category.

Want more options? See all movies here, with kid-friendly picks here.

NNNNN: Some of the best of the year

Leviathan (drama) When word of his house being demolished by the mayor gets out, Kolya is ready to go down with a fight. But what happens when the help he seeks only hurts him further?

Two Days, One Night (drama) A young mother’s job is compromised when her coworkers opt for a bonus pay, in exchange for her job. With only a weekend separating her from her career, she must convince her peers to give up their bonuses in exchange for her livelihood.

Winter Sleep (drama) Aydin, a former actor, runs a hotel where the heartbroken and the struggling seek refuge. As winter settles in on the comforting property, those who its provided shelter for break down their own walls, releasing inner tensions and hostilities.

NNNN: Flawed-but-terrific picks

Clouds of Sils Maria (drama) When an actress is asked to play a restoration of the character that skyrocketed her career, she is faced with unsettling realizations of who she once was and who she has become in relation to her acting career.

Dancing Arabs (drama) When a Palestinian boy is sent to a prestigious boarding school in Jerusalem, he faces unavoidably pressing issues of language, defining an identity, and fitting in to a new culture, which he gets through with the help of some friendly new faces he encounters.

Last Days In Vietnam (documentary, history, war) Documenting the final days of the War in Vietnam, both frightened civilians and American soldiers contemplate the chances of survival in escape. The American soldiers are faced with a dually-pressing issue: the order by the White House to evacuate U.S.citizens first, or risk their lives by saving the Vietnamese.

Most Violent Year, A (action, crime, drama) 1981 marks one of the most dangerous years in New York City’s history. Amidst the chaos, a determined immigrant fights for the freedom and liberation of both his family and his harmed business. 

Ned Rifle (drama) Ned sets off to kill his father for the pain he’d caused his mother, but encounters the exquisite and troubling Susan along the way, who sidetracks his mission in a seemingly innocent, heartfelt way. What Ned doesn’t know is Susan’s intentions that go beyond tagging alongside an angsty young man on a mission.

Ned Rifle

Ned Rifle

Nightmare, The (documentary) The terrifying reality that thousands succumb to at night fall– sleep paralysis– and its debilitating effects on its victims is told through this compellingly shocking documentary.

Red Army (documentary) This tell-all of the Soviet Union’s Red Army hockey team unfolds from the firsthand accounts of its legendary players.

While We’re Young (comedy, drama) A middle-aged couple’s life together gets a face-lift when they meet a couple in their mid-twenties who bring youthful spirit back into their mundane, adult lives.

Wild Tales (comedy, drama, thriller) The stories of six revenge-seeking, distressed individuals come together to form this epic tale of explosive proportions.

NNN: Solid, entertaining bets

Ballet 422 (documentary) From behind the scenes of the New York City Ballet to centre stage on the night of a world premiere, viewers follow budding choreographer Justin Peck’s work for the 422nd annual ballet.

Cinderella (drama, family, fantasy) Doomed to the life of a servant for her evil stepmother and step-sisters following her father’s death, Ella’s unfortunate circumstances reach a silver lining upon meeting a charming individual, who happens to be a Prince.

Danny Collins (comedy, drama) A washed-up rock star decides to turn his life around after discovering a letter written to him by the legendary John Lennon. 

Dead Lands, The (action) The son of a murdered Maori chief seeks revenge on those who committed reckless treachery on his father’s tribe, and bring justice to the deceased tribe members by fighting for peace in their honor.

Dogs On The Inside (documentary) Life is given a second chance for both abandoned rescue dogs and prison inmates, who are paired off and bond in a way that teaches them both that there is more in store for them beyond the concrete walls and wired fences, and that there is hope to turn both of their lives around.

Ex Machina (drama, mystery, sci-fi) A young scientific programmer is given the chance to work with the intriguing robotic woman, A.I., to better understand the human condition. His work with her, however, puts his entire life and understanding of himself into question.


How you perceive Alicia Vikander’s Ava says a lot about you, according to Alex Garland.

Home (animated, comedy, adventure) An alien on the run from his kind teams up with a girl who helps him along his adventurous way, though their butting heads during their journey challenges their ability to reach their destination.  

Gunman, The (action, crime, drama) A sniper on an assassination team kills the minister of the mines of Congo, and his unfortunate aim forces him into a life of hiding. After returning to Congo many years later, he finds himself the target of a newly-formed team.

Kingsman: The Secret Service (action, adventure, comedy) A spy agency recruits a street kid with a promising future to join their training program, as a global tech threat ensues. 

Man Up (romance, comedy) Whoever thought blind dates are useless didn’t give this movie a try. A woman takes over a stranger’s blind date and ends up finding the perfect boyfriend as a result. What happens when he finds out her true identity?

Matt Shepard Is A Friend Of Mine (documentary) A tale of love, loss, and acceptance for those who grieve over the loss of Matthew Wayne Shepard, whose brutal murder flanked headlines and changed lives across America, but inspires hope and change for the future.

McFarland (family, sport) After losing his job as a football coach and moving his family across the state for a fresh start, Jim White turns seven seemingly hopeless students at his new school job into cross-country running stars.

Merchants of Doubt (documentary) This intriguing documentary presents hired scholars who double as authorities that speak about pressing issues from climate change to chemical waste.

Monkey Kingdom (documentary) Narrated by Tina Fey, this telling documentary unfolds around a newborn monkey and its mother’s survival struggle amidst the competitive group of the Temple Troop, a group of monkeys inhabiting ancient ruins in South Asia. 

Project Almanac (thriller, sci-fi) When a group of teens discovers plans for a time machine, they set to building one. What they don’t know, however, is the toll the machine will take on them. 


Still Alice (drama) A middle-aged woman’s life is permanently changed when she is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. The relationships with her family, her colleagues, and with herself are intimately tested as a result.

Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out Of Water, The (animated, comedy, adventure) In this comically adventurous film, Spongebob and his nemesis, Plankton, team up to take down the evil pirate above the sea who has stolen the secret Krabby Patty recipe

Uncertain Terms (comedy/drama) Fleeing from the city, Robbie decides to seek refuge in his aunt’s country house. To his surprise, her home has not only welcomed him, but abandoned pregnant teenagers.

White God (drama) A young girl sets off to protect her dog after her father has freed him to the streets. Love knows no bounds in this compelling film, where she takes off in search of her missing, beloved friend. 

NN-N: Meh, and slightly less than meh

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