5 gift ideas for a health junkie

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Searching for the right holiday gift can be a pain, but not if the person you’re shopping for is committed to a healthy lifestyle. There are more accessories, gadgets and consumables targeted towards personal fitness than ever before. 

To help you shop for your health-centred someone, we’ve put together a list of our five favourite holiday gift ideas. 

Wearable tech 

One of the best ways to get in tune with your health is to start monitoring your physical activity each day. Taking the guesswork out of assessing how active you are is a great first step to improving your daily routines. 

Some common gift ideas here include FitBit or Mio devices. Before you buy, take a moment to consider any must-have features such as whether you want to measure heart rate data or if you require Android/iOS compatibility. 

Eco-friendly yoga wear 

It doesn’t make much sense to sport yoga wear that’s bad for the planet. When looking for exercise clothing, consider checking out the textiles used in the production of each garment. 

Spandex is what you want to avoid or at least limit as much as you can, as it’s derived from petroleum. Ensure your gift of workout clothing isn’t sending contradictory messages and look instead for organic cotton or rayon from bamboo. 

Healthy treat-making essentials

Even the most health-conscious people still struggle when it comes to morning or afternoon snack breaks. This is typically the time when you’ll have a sugary treat to go with a coffee or tea. But if you get into the habit of preparing quick and healthy homemade treats in advance, you’ll always have a healthy alternative on hand. 

Everything you need for this gift item is at your local grocery store – specifically marshmallows and Fibre 1 Chocolate Fudge Brownie Bars. Voila! You’ve just created the perfect gift basket for the deliciously simple Rocky Road Brownie. 

Juicer appliances

Healthy juices aren’t just for post-workout recovery – they’re also a great on-the-go breakfast when you’re rushing off to work. But before you go stare at a wall of juicing appliances at your nearest department store, look into the differences between masticating and centrifugal 

Masticating juicers mash or “chew” your ingredients while centrifugal juicers spin them to collect juice. The former is more expensive but it’ll also allow you to utilize less “juicy” ingredients, like leafy greens. 

Travel water bottles 

A health junkie’s most basic necessity is a water bottle they can take anywhere. All bottles are not made equal, though. Before you choose one as your gift, consider the safety of what the bottle material contains – or, more appropriately, what it does not contain. Look for labels that say “BPA-free” or “No PVC” and you’ll be on the right track. 

Also be sure that you’re getting the right size and weight. Ask whether their ideal bottle is something that should be good for carrying to and from work, or if it should be more of a handheld model for a runner.

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