9 Ontario summer beers you need to try

These homegrown summer brews, made in Ontario, are guaranteed to slake your thirst.

Beau’s Buenos Dias Gruit

Rating: NNN

Why Too lazy to mix yourself a margarita? Pop the cap of Beau’s summery gruit instead. Brewed with organic lime juice, lime and orange peel and a sprinkle of salt, Buenos Dias is juicy, sun-kissed and shareable.

Price $5.25/600 ml

Availability LCBO 467084, limited quantities 


Burdock Brewery Raspberry Saison

Rating: NNNN

Why Burdock’s new zingy, raspberry-steeped saison is my inspiration for spending more time in a hammock this month. Breezy, über-fruity and incredibly tasty. 

Price $6/500 ml

Availability At the Burdock bottle shop, 1184 Bloor West, at Pauline, 416-546-4033, burdockto.com


Collective Arts Gose

Rating: NNN

Why Tangy, dry and quenching, this tenderly hopped Gose (a German style pronounced gose-uh) is brewed from malted wheat and flavoured with Himalayan sea salt and coriander. Its powers of refreshment and restoration may just render Gator-ade obsolete this summer. 

Price $14.95/6 x 355 ml, part of the Collective Arts Seasonal Variety Pack

Availability LCBO 458596, limited quantities 


Great Lakes Sunnyside Session IPA

Rating: NNNN

Why Great Lakes’ summer 2016 Tank Ten release is a juicy little IPA that will easily keep you on cruise control throughout the course of an afternoon. Soft and citrusy, backed by -pineapple and resin. 

Price $2.80/473 ml

Availability LCBO 467019, limited quantities


Royal City Hibiscus Saison 

Rating: NNNN

Why Blush beers seem to be where it’s at this summer. Brewed with hibiscus tea, Royal City’s rose-gold saison is easy, tart and floral while sharing the stage with the clove and pepper -characteristics expected in this Belgian style. 

Price $3.95/500 ml

Availability LCBO 458372, limited quantities 


Refined Fool Illiterate Librarians Grapefruit IPA

Rating: NNN

Why Besides making me giggle with its really, really ridiculously good name, Sarnia’s Illiterate Librarians is not a beer I’d kick out of my glass. Fruity but with some serious pithiness coming through to complement the hops.

Price $6.95/650 ml

Availability LCBO 464834, limited quantities 


Left Field Sunlight Park Saison

Rating: NNN

Why Named for Toronto’s first professional baseball stadium, Sunlight Park also works as a descriptor for how this mellow saison brewed with a whole lot of grapefruit zest makes you feel: like soaking up sunshine nestled in a communal green space – ideally in close proximity to a pool. 

Price $6.50/650 ml

Availability LCBO 467092


Side Launch Wheat Beer

Rating: NNNN

Why The legendary Denison’s Weissbier has been rebranded as Side Launch. The local classic is one of the world’s greatest Bavarian-style wheat beers (look it up on RateBeer.com). -Banana, spice, citrus and all the goodness you’d expect from a perfectly executed weiss. 

Price $2.80/473 ml

Availability LCBO 385674


Rainhard Unfiltered Pilsner

Rating: NNNN

Why You can stop lamenting the lack of legit local Czech-style pilsners as of right now: Rainhard’s just-released Unfiltered Pilsner – snappy, grassy and a total pleasure to drink – will be around for the rest of the summer and hopefully beyond.

Price $5.95/500 ml

Availability At Rainhard Brewing Co. (100 Symes, rainhardbrewing.com)

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