A.A. Bondy – Believers

(Fat Possum)

Rating: NNNN

Though not the type of artist to stop you dead in your tracks, A.A. Bondy does have the power to slow you to a standstill. His barely awake tempos, haunting Twin Peaks guitar notes and languid vocals make everything feel like a lucid dream state somewhere on a lonesome highway. In our era of immediacy, this quality feels invaluable.

Bondy’s third record isn’t drastically different from its two predecessors, 2007’s American Hearts and 2009’s grossly overlooked When The Devil’s Loose. He throws out a red herring with first track The Heart Is Willing, a marching rock song bathed in reverb. But then he quickly settles into his familiar territory of slow, austere, gut-wrenching tunes about nothing obviously apparent. But that doesn’t matter the mood is so strong that picking out words and themes would just interfere with the semi-conscious reverie.

Top track: Surfer King

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