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NOW Magazine - The Movie comically chronicles the history of Toronto's #1 weekly. The film series (9 five-minute episodes) is.

NOW Magazine – The Movie comically chronicles the history of Toronto’s #1 weekly. The film series (9 five-minute episodes) is part documentary and part mockumentary.


The movie uses archive footage and photos, as well as interviews with some of Canadaís most interesting personalities form entertainment, politics, and social activism (including Margaret Atwood, David Miller, Ron MacLean & Jim Cuddy). The documentary traces the 25 year history of NOW.


On the occasion of NOW’s 25th anniversary party, a group of NOW employees (played by some of Toronto’s best improv actors) put on a cabaret show for invited guests. The show was such a hit that NOW CEO Alice Klein (played by NOW CEO Alice Klein) writes a wine-soaked cheque to finance a full-length Fringe Festival remount.

NOW Magazine – The Movie blurs the lines between true stories of NOW’s often turbulent, always impressive history and a making-of mockumentary that chronicles the rise and fall of an ambitious stage production.

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NOW Magazine – The Movie will be released in nine segments – one per week starting October 15.

Oct. 15 Episode 1: Introducing Marty/NOW’s first days

Oct. 22 Episode 2: The 25th anniversary party

Oct. 29 Episode 3: Now – The Musical is born

Nov. 5 Episode 4 – ‘Hearsing the Parts

Nov. 12 Episode 5 – That’s Classified

Nov. 19 Episode 6 – There’s a Party in my Mouth

Nov. 26 Episode 7 – Organic Collective Horseshit (I don’t get it)

Dec. 3 Episode 8 – Shut it down

Dec. 10 Episode 9 – NOW – The Musical is dead

Dec. 17 Full movie released


NOW Magazine – The Movie

You and Media


NOW Communications Inc.



Marty Adams, Ashley Botting, Walter Boscariol,

Kelly Clipperton & Jim Clayton

NOW staff

Brian Francis, Becke Gainforth, Jen Chan, Bill Malcolm,

Stacey Reardon, Wayne Roberts, Scott Nisbet,

Michael Hollett, Alice Klein, Susan G. Cole, Deb Matheson.

& Special Guests

Margaret Atwood, Moe Berg, Jim Cuddy, Jake Gold, Sarah Harmer,

Dave Meslin, David Mirvish, David Miller, Ian Blurton, Olivia Chow,

Howard Moscoe, Rob Stephaniuk, Alison Sealy-Smith,

Lauren Hollett, Jules Hollett, Marie Larsson

Jian Ghomeshi, Zak Werner, John Kastner

Directed by

Brian G. Smith

Produced by

Brian G. Smith, Michael Hollett, Alice Klein,

Associate Producers

Brian Francis, Deb Matheson, Scott Nisbet, Shari Hollett

Musical Direction

James Clayton

Film Score

Moe Berg

Written by

Brian Smith, Shari Hollett and the cast

Original Concept

Brian Smith, Shari Hollett, Chris Earle,

Brian Francis, Michael Hollett, Alice Klein


Shari Hollett

Production Manager

Natalie Deveaux


Peter Riddihough, Robert MacDonald, Darryl Gold,

Brian Smith, Doug Raby, Mitch Belman

Edited by

Peter Riddihough, Darryl Gold,

Brian Smith, Mitch Belman

Assistant Editors

Brendan Woods, James Thompson, Stephen Quammie

Web Episode Editors

Scott Ramirez & Nikolai Efimov

Assistant Director

Ken Chow

Thanks to

Marie Larsson and Toronto Sprouts,

The Toronto Second City Training Centre

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