Action Bronson says no to Osheaga

Controversial rapper says, "Start a petition," and maybe he'll come

Toronto’s petition to dump rapper Action Bronson from the 2015 NXNE show at Yonge Dundas Square proved to have more legs than anyone thought. Over just five days, another petition launched in Montreal to get the provocative rapper removed from the Osheaga festival slate garnered over 20,000 signatures.

Action Bronson cancelled his Saturday performance at the Montreal fest at the last minute. Organizers cited travel problems as the essential issue, saying the petition wasn’t the problem and that they would never want to act as censors.

But no question Action Bronson knew about the Montreal petition. He goaded his critics by suggesting to his supporters via social media that they start a petition of their own to bring him back on to the roster.

It didn’t happen and Mos Def replaced him on the schedule. | @nowtoronto

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