Afghan Luke

AFGHAN LUKE directed by Mike Clattenburg, written.

AFGHAN LUKE directed by Mike Clattenburg, written by Douglas Bell, Barrie Dunn and Patrick Graham, with Nick Stahl, Nicolas Wright, Stephen Lobo and Vik Sahay. An Alliance release. 97 minutes. Opens Friday (September 23). See listing. Rating: N

The clusterfuck of Canada’s Afghan mission claims another victim in Trailer Park Boys co-creator Mike Clattenburg, whose attempt to mine the material for black comedy is full of war-is-hell clichés, flat jokes and ragged storytelling.

Two Canadian journalists (Nick Stahl and Nicolas Wright) travel to Afghanistan to investigate rumours of a sniper who claims the fingers of his kills, and find tangled alliances, a well-meaning but inept military effort, a warlord who wants to be a music producer, and comedian Lewis Black playing himself in a three-minute cameo.

None of it matters much, because Clattenburg has no idea how to shoot or cut it into a workable story. But if you enjoy watching actors yell at each other for what seems like an entire day, has he got a movie for you.

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