Album Review: Calvin Love

Super Future

If you broke down the many forms of retro-futurism in music, Calvin Love would be the thrift store romantic. He’s a pop formalist with a taste for faded glamour and dusty twang that emanate vintage musk.

Love hails from the same Edmonton scene as Sean Nicholas Savage, Alex Calder and Mac DeMarco. On his second LP and first for indie Arts & Crafts, he trades the dour new wave minimalism of his debut for slacker love songs that ride funky bass lines, and jaunty, shuffling rhythms that give his boyish, wearily warbled slacker melodies a little oomph.

Super Future is feather-light in its charms. It’s an album about daydreaming, and yet its best cuts have the tightest concepts and the punchiest delivery (Girl, I Wanna Know, Creepin), and sometimes it feels like Love has to overcome his dreamy tendencies toward meandering banalities to get there.

Top track: I Wanna Know    

Calvin Love performs at Field Trip at Fort York and the Field Trip after-party at the Garrison on Saturday (June 6).    

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