Alt-fashion fixin’s

Not all the FAT fun is on the runway. Don't miss these films and installations filling out the week.

Fashion on film

In 2012, FAT’s organizers will launch an International Fashion Film Festival, and to build buzz for the event they’re previewing eight filmmaker-designer collaboration flicks between catwalk shows throughout the week. Labels featured include Zoran Dobric, Jessica Jensen, Pat McDonagh and Gaudet.

The Dressing Room Project

While LG Fashion Week watchers have to pass the time between runway presentations puffing ciggies and posing for street-style photographers, FAT offers up The Dressing Room Project, a series of stylish spaces in which artists explore clothing and vanity themes through performances and installations.

The Teddy Bear Project

Bid on one-of-a-kind stuffed bears stitched up by Alternative Fashion Week’s designers and artists, including the Deadly Nightshades, Kelly Henderson and Derek Liddington. Proceeds go to Sketch’s ( arts programs for homeless and at-risk youth.

Brand Voices

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