Amaro Averna

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Averna is like San Marzano tomatoes and high fashion, in that it’s left its imprint on Italy’s culture. First made commercially in 1868 (from the Averna family’s recipe, enjoyed for years by relatives and friends), the Sicilian liqueur was soon flowing freely throughout Italy. By the turn of the 20th century, Averna was so beloved in its motherland that the company became the official supplier to the royal household, whose coat of arms is still proudly printed on the label. Its full caramel and herbal qualities make Averna a tasty digestivo and an intriguing cocktail ingredient. Keep it in the freezer for frosty post-feast shots or mix up an Averna Stormy with spicy ginger beer and a squeeze of lemon.

Price 750 ml/$24.30

Availability LCBO 208363

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