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Rating: NNNNtomorrow night, if you're feeling up to it, you can hang out with a sociopath in a poorly lit.

Rating: NNNN

tomorrow night, if you’re feeling up to it, you can hang out with a sociopath in a poorly lit alley.Film and video collective Pleasure Dome will be screening the fantastic autobiographical video Confessions Of A Sociopath, by American artist Joe Gibbons. Calling someone a sociopath is just a nice way of calling him a psycho.

Gibbons’s 30-minute work, which was shown at this year’s Whitney Biennial art fair in New York as a 60-minute director’s cut (sociopath directors are even more narcissistic than normal ones), is a wild ride spanning the artist’s adult years.

A textbook sociopath who wields disarming charm and a sharp wit, Gibbons rebels against “limit-setters” like curators. Drugs and alcohol are endlessly abused. He refuses to hold down a job, and supports his habits and life by shoplifting books. He’s violent toward inanimate objects, views the police as surrogate parents and has cheated on his parole officer by having another parole officer in another state.

A handful of strong short works by other artists precedes the main attraction, so this solid show should have them lining up in the alley to get into Cinecycle, the grubbiest yet most endearing place to watch film and video in the city.

And as a bonus, Gibbons will be on hand to, well, socialize.thmoas@sympatico.ca

Confessions of a Sociopath and other movies that don’t fit presented by Pleasure Dome at Cinecycle (129 Spadina, laneway), Friday (October 18), 8 pm. $5. See Rep Cinemas, page 95. Rating: NNNN

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