Top five finalists in line to win a $10,000 graffiti mural contract

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On August 2, we launched a contest with Strashin Developments that called for Toronto’s top graffiti artists to put forward their best work for a chance to win a $10,000 contract to paint a 27- by 46-foot wall in the atrium of the IT CleanTech Centre (501 Alliance Avenue). 

The portfolio submissions we received showcased a massive range of talent, and the contest judges have narrowed down the competition to the following five finalists. Each has been asked to paint a three- by five-foot canvas maquette, for which they’ll be paid $1,000 each. 

Learn more about these local artists and check out a sample of their artwork. We’ll be selecting a winner soon!

UPDATE: Alex Bacon is the winner of this contest. Congrats, Alex!

Jessey Pacho

Jessey Pacho has over a decade of experience as a graffiti artist and also works in community and arts education, having taught workshops across Canada with Unity Charity. His client work includes commissions for Tourism Toronto, Heineken, Molson Canadian, Toronto Raptors, Toronto Maple Leafs, Nissan Canada and others.

Instagram: @artofphade

Alex Bacon (WINNER)

Known for his works lining the alleyways and streets of Toronto, Alex Bacon began painting in the 1990s as a teenager. His work has evolved to deconstructing traditional graffiti spray paint techniques to create an abstract graffiti style while maintaining letter form.

Instagram: @vizsla_bacon

Alex Lazich - 1.jpg

Jimmy Chiale

Originally from Paris, Toronto’s Jimmy Chiale works in a variety of mediums – from canvas and illustration to mural and graphic design. His art often features opposing forces like life and death or high and low art, all of which stylistically come together with the spontaneity of graffiti and a close attention to detail.

Instagram: @jchiale website:

Jimmy Chiale - 2.jpg

Stephanie Boutari 

Stephanie Boutari is an artist and designer based in Kitchener, Ontario. Born and raised in Bahrain, she came to Canada in 2005 to study architecture. Through her work, Stephanie strives to bridge the gaps between art, architecture and design. She is currently a collaborator at boko, a multidisciplinary design and fabrication studio based in New Hamburg, Ontario.

Instagram: @stephboutari website:

Stephanie Boutari - 1_compressed.jpg

Francis Pratt

Toronto’s Francis Pratt has shown his work around the world through exhibitions, commissions, community projects and live paintings. Using primary mediums like aerosol, collage, acrylic and oils, he is known for his collages, typography and painting faces that he sees as masks, or “emotional facades that reveal or veil aspects of the human condition.”

Instagram: @francis.pratt website:

Francis Pratt - detour art.JPG

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