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Contact Photography Festival

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Thinking of becoming a collector? Gallerists advise you to have fun and buy what you love.

Bernice Lyons Page of Toronto Image Works sees two kinds of collectors. “First are people who fall in love with a single image and must have it. Then there are the true collectors, who do their research,” attending openings and reading CVs and art magazines.

“Find a body of work rather than one great picture, then buy one of your favourites,” says gallery owner Stephen Bulger. “Many find their first purchase an arduous task, but if you like something that’s within your budget, buy it. It gets easier over time.”

Stephanie Rogerson of Gallery 44 urges buyers to support emerging local talent

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, and Jenna Edwards of Pikto advises buying early, because many shows sell out, especially during Contact.

Who knows? One day you could follow in the footsteps of Kenneth Montague of Wedge Curatorial Projects, whose collection of photography and other African and diasporic art about black identity has propelled him into the global art world. This is the first Contact where Wedge doesn’t have its own show, but Montague discovery Christina Leslie is at the NFB, and Montague is curating Jennifer Domise’s show at Irie Food Joint.

Now on the AGO’s curatorial committee, the Windsor-born dentist recently spoke at Mali’s Bamako Biennial and is preparing an exhibit for the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit next year.

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