International Festival of Authors

It's considered one of the world's most lavish literary events. So when 150 authors from almost 50 countries touch down in T.O. for the International Festival Of Authors, you need to know who's who. Here's what to watch out for at this year's fest.

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October 18 to 28, Harbourfront Centre

Venues: Brigantine Room (BRG), Lakeside Terrace (LST) and Studio Theatre (SDT), 235 Queen’s Quay West Premiere Dance Theatre (PDT), 207 Queen’s Quay West.

Tributes (T), Readings (R), Dialogues (D) $15.50, stu/srs $14, mbrs $13 Public lives (P) $10, stu/srs $9, mbrs $8.50 973-4000

Thursday, October 19 Candace Bushnell w/ Ian Brown (5 pm/D/BRG) Andrea De Carlo w/ Antonio D’Alfonso (5 pm/D/PDT) Marcela Serrano w/ Donna Bailey Nurse (5 pm/D/LST) René Vásquez Díaz w/ Lesley Kreuger (7 pm/D/LST) Mark Anthony Jarman, David Adams Richards, Josef Skvorecky (8 pm/R/BRG) Candace Bushnell, Marcela Serrano, Ali Smith (8 pm/R/PDT).

Friday, October 20 Mark Anthony Jarman w/ Kevin Connolly (5 pm/D/BRG), Marcel Möring w/ Marc Glassman (5 pm/D/PDT) Hikaru Okuizumi w/ Ted Goossen (5 pm/D/LST) Philip Levine w/ Buzz Hargrove (7 pm/D/BRG) David Helwig, Daniel Poliquin, Francine Prose (8 pm/R/BRG) Andrea De Carlo, Guy Vanderhaeghe, Jane Urquhart (8 pm/R/PDT) Mordecai Richler w/ Daniel Richler (9 pm/D/LST).

Saturday, October 21 Jane Urquhart w/ Anne Michaels (noon/D/PDT) Amitav Ghosh w/ Paul William Roberts (noon/D/LST) Bei Dao w/ Michael Szonyi (1 pm/D/BRG) Anita Desai w/ Marion Botsford Fraser (2 pm/D/PDT) David Leavitt w/ Michael Winter (3 pm/D/ BRG) Peter Davison w/ Ellen Seligman (4 pm/D/LST) Francine Prose w/ Stephen Smith (5 pm/D/BRG) Daniel Poliquin w/ Paul Savoie (7 pm/D/LST) Bei Dao, Amitav Ghosh, Philip Levine (8 pm/R/BRG) Marcel Möring, Mordecai Richler, Peter Schneider (8 pm/R/PDT).

Sunday, October 22 Maeve Binchy w/ Marsha Lederman (noon/D/PDT) Aleksandar Hemon w/ Michael Holmes (noon/D/LST) Peter Schneider w/ John Sewell (1 pm/D/BRG) Jeffrey Meyers on George Orwell (2 pm/P/PDT) WP Kinsella w/ Jerry Howarth (2 pm/D/LST) Clara Thomas on her memoir (3 pm/P/BRG) Barry Moser on book illustration (4 pm/P/PDT) Colum McCann w/ Charles Foran (4 pm/D/ LST) Patrick Toner on Alden Nowlan (5 pm/P/BRG) Jeffrey Moore w/ Lawrence Hill (7 pm/D/LST) John Arden & Margaretta D’Arcy, Peter Davison & Colm McCann (8 pm/R/BRG) Anita Desai, David Leavitt, Hikaru Okuizumi (8 pm/R/PDT).

Monday, October 23 René Vázquez Díaz, Elisabeth Harvor, WP Kinsella (8 pm/R/BRG) Kjell Espmark, Claudio Magris, Susan Sontag (8 pm/R/PDT).

Tuesday, October 24 JK Rowling, Kenneth Oppel, Tim Wynne-Jones (11 am/special reading, Skydome, 870-8000) Elisabeth Harvor w/ Steven Heighton (5 pm/D/BRG) Kjell Espmark w/ Martin Levin (5 pm/D/PDT) David Helwig w/ Michael Valpy (5 pm/D/LST) Claudio Magris w/ Paul Kennedy (7 pm/D/PDT) Robert Drewe, Aleksandar Hemon, Ursula K Le Guin (8 pm/R/BRG) Oleh Lysheha, Farley Mowat, CK Stead (8 pm/R/LST) Susan Sontag w/ Evan Solomon (9 pm/D/PDT).

Wednesday, October 25 Ursula K Le Guin w/ Marilyn Powell (5 pm/D/BRG) Joanna Trollope w/ Ziggy Lorenc (5 pm/D/PDT) Jayne Anne Phillips w/ Marni Jackson (5 pm/D/LST) Elizabeth Hay w/ Jason Sherman (5 pm/D/ SDT) Farley Mowat w/ tba (7 pm/D/LST) Anne Enright w/ Eliza Clark (7 pm/D/SDT) Edward Baugh, David Foster, Spider Robinson (8 pm/R/ BRG) Maeve Binchy, Elizabeth Hay, Amanda Prantera (8 pm/R/PDT).

Thursday, October 26 Edward Baugh w/ Austin Clarke (5 pm/D/BRG) Lawrence Norfolk w/ Noah Richler (5 pm/D/PDT) Robert Drewe w/ Bill Cameron (5 pm/D/LST) Amanda Plantera w/ Katherine Govier (5 pm/D/SDT) John Banville w/ Charles Foran (7 pm/D/LST) Ali Smith w/ Shyam Selvadurai (7 pm/D/SDT) Marie-Claire Blais, Jeffrey Moore, Anne Michaels (8 pm/R/BRG) Anne Enright, Jayne Anne Phillips, Joanna Trollope (8 pm/R/PDT).

Friday, October 27 John Arden & Margaret D’Arcy w/ Christopher Newton (5 pm/D/BRG) Al Alvarez w/ Phyllis Grosskurth (5 pm/D/PDT) David Foster w/ Eleanor Wachtel (5 pm/D/LST) CK Stead w/ Karen Mulhallen (5 pm/D/SDT) Margaret Atwood w/ David Crombie (7 pm/D/ PDT) Marie-Claire Blais w/ Marie-Andree Michaud (7 pm/D/SDT) Al Alvarez, Ha Jin, Lawrence Norfolk (8 pm/R/BRG) John Banville, Blake Morrison, Martin Winckler (8 pm/R/LST) Carlos Fuentes w/ Bob Rae (9 pm/D/PDT).

Sunday, October 28 Josef Skvorecky w/ Tom Fulton (noon/D/LST) Blake Morrison w/ Barry Callaghan (1 pm/D/BRG) David Adams Richards w/ Paul Quarrington (2 pm/D/PDT) Oleh Lyshela w/ Lydia Palij (2 pm/D/LST) Ha Jin w/ John Fraser (3 pm/D/BRG) Spider Robinson w/ HJ Kirchhoff (4 pm/D/PDT) Martin Winckler w/ Robert Buckman (5 pm/D/BRG) Margaret Atwood, Carlos Fuentes (8 pm/R/PDT).

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