Nuit Blanche in tweets

Nuit Blanche recapped in twitter

Collected from NOW’s twitterers.


From 7 pm to about 4 am…

Queen and tecumseth – keep walking.

Ocad stuff is lame. Sdrinvsky.

Renegade rave parade on bloor shut down the street

Kids do better laser graffiti than adults at queen and ossington

Bike light fireflies in trinity bellwoods are gorgeous. Sidewalks are crowded in west end

Finally something amazing! Stephen Lawson from Montreals 2boysTV lip synching an opera aria in a huge 15 foot gown. Brava!

Wow. Amazing to hear Bach’s Toccata and Fugue at St James Cathedral. Now organ performs Aida Grand March. Bizarre.

Hilarious to see comic Roman Danylo’s image projected huge in courtyard of Commerce Court as sleazy biz type.

Filmmaker John Greyson came out of Horridor!

Past 3 and long lineup at Union Stn for arguably the most talked about installation. Kelly Marks’ Horridor. \

Big lineup for House of Leaves at ryerson. Hope its worth it.

Not part of Nuit Blanche. A steaker at Zombie thing. Yay for contemporary art!

Semi clad girls wrestling at College Park pool. Getting big reaction. But where are the zombies?

Maple leaf Gardens big line. But moving fast

Book sculpture at 900 Bay very cool. Also great for cruising.

YMCA not too crowded for slight piece about housing. Passed waterfall thing at Ontario Hydro looked gorgeous.

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