Bad Time Buddies: Bruce Gibbons Fell

NOW Digital Residency: Buddies in Bad Times

As part of this month’s Buddies in Bad Times Digital Residency, we’re featuring some of the prominent artists associated with Toronto’s leading LGBTQ cultural destination.

Describe something in the LGBTQ community that inspires you. 

I am constantly inspired by how welcoming and supportive the community is with queers who are new in Canada. (Thanks, everyone!)

What’s your favourite recent theatre production in Toronto?

Flashing Lights by Bad New Days and Ahuri Theatre.

How do you celebrate a great show?

Tell everyone I know about it so that they go see it and then I can get to talk about it more.

What are you most looking forward to in the new Buddies in Bad Times season?

LULU V.7 // Aspects of a Femme Fatale.

What is the best drink (alcoholic or not) in Toronto and where do you get it?

That five dollar plastic glass of wine during intermission at a show.

What was your first professional role in theatre?


Name one of your creative peers that everyone should see/hear right now.

Johnnie Walker. He’s been working at Buddies with Pandemic Theatre on a show called Shove It Down My Throat. It’s going to be SPECTACULAR.

What’s next for you in your career?

I’m currently writing a little dark comedy about class, created in residence at Buddies. It’s called The Communist Manifesto for Children, where four children will never be the same after one very particular summer.

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