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Sunnyside - Gus Ryder Pool Lake Shore and Parkside.

Sunnyside – Gus Ryder Pool

Lake Shore and Parkside Dr.,

It’s not only that it’s the biggest swimming hole in the city and the most scenic, with that dazzling view of the harbour, but dipping into its waters conjures the glamour and honky-tonk of Sunnyside’s amusement park past, not to mention an era when public institutions were intended to generate awe and amazement. The pool, built in 1925, is a wondrous 295 by 75 feet and a super people-watching spot between laps. But the big plus is that it sits beside the stunning arches of the Sunnyside Pavilion, built in 1922 in the beaux arts style and sure to stir historical longings.


Alex Duff Pool, Christie Pits

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