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This series takes a deep dive into flavour profiles, tools, ingredients, techniques, and food pairings to enjoy the perfect cocktail at home. Join Ben as he goes beyond the bar to explore unique spirits from around the world.

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Esspresso Martini (Episode 4)

If you’re looking for a pick-me-up pre or post-dinner beverage, the Espresso Martini is here to jolt you awake with its boozy magical powers. The cocktail has been jumpstarting outings and extending nights out just as long as red bull!

Sobremesa (Episode 3)

Our Sobremesa cocktail derives its name from the Spanish tradition of relaxing at the table after a heavy meal. Sobremesa begins after dessert is served, and typically lasts between half an hour and an hour. 

Along with the Hornitos Black Barrel this cocktail consists of white port, Ramazotti Apertivo Rosato and vanilla agave syrup.

Hornitos Black Barrel’s Aroma of oaky-vanilla notes, spicy pepper, and intricate blend of agave and caramel blend perfectly with the nuttiness and fruity flavours of the other ingredients so you can thoroughly enjoy this stirred sipper of a cocktail.

Its no yolk (Episode 2)

Today is a special episode dedicated to the Patron Perfectionist Cocktail Competition. We are going to be learning a bit about Patron Tequila, and I am going to be showing you how we make my cocktail entry to the Patron Perfectionist Competition, It’s No Yolk!

El Diablo (Episode 1)

When most people think about tequila cocktails, Margaritas and Palomas come to mind. To shake things up, Ben Kingstone shows us how to make an El Diablo featuring: Hornitos Reposado, Lime, Ginger Beer, and Cassis Liqueur.


Here are all the tools you will need to make the cocktails in this series!

Meet Ben

Ben Kingstone Beyond The Bar

Ben’s hospitality career has lead him to work behind amazing bars, explore different cities, and breathe in diverse cultures that inspire him. He has designed popular cocktails at busy high volume nightclubs, and thought-provoking libations at craft cocktail bars. Through it all, he discovered one common thread remains: people love meticulously created experiences! He has explored many different ways of creating cocktails to become an expert at curating enticing drinks.

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