Monsoon Season (New Damage)

Rating: NNNN

Toronto hard rockers Biblical don’t sound like they listen to much modern music, but that doesn’t mean their work is derivative. Unless there was some obscure psychedelic-surf-metal scene in the early 70s that we’re unaware of. In retrospect, it seems like an obvious win to mix the menacing surf guitar twang of Link Wray and Dick Dale with the throbbing sludge rock riffage of Soundgarden and Kyuss.

The vocals are mixed strangely low throughout, but that helps make the guitars and drums thunderously loud and provides space for the proggy organ bits to swirl around. Monsoon Season could fit on classic rock radio, but the songs are quirky enough to attract indie crowds, too. The epic 11-and-a-half-minute title track pushes the six-song record out of EP range and into short album territory. If only more stoner rock bands understood the value of a concise, excess-free record.

Top track: All Justice, No Peace

Biblical play the Horseshoe March 29.

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