Blended crap

BLENDED (Frank Coraci). 117 minutes. Opens Friday (May 23). For venues and times, see Movies. Rating: N

Adam Sandler can be a fine comic when he gives a shit. Most of the time, it seems like he doesn’t.

Buried within the steaming pile that is Blended – Sandler’s latest dump into theatres as star and producer – is an actor who can nail the unassuming zinger, throw some beautiful tantrums and play sensitive characters who use humour as a defence mechanism.

You see glimmers of this side of Sandler, small moments that actually allow him to spark off his Wedding Singer co-star Drew Barrymore. The two play single parents who, having already suffered a bad blind date with each other, are now saddled together with their broods on a South African safari – a ridiculous scenario that requires the crappy screenplay to perform back flips in terms of plot machinations

Instead of building on Sandler’s knack for intimate comedy, the movie surrounds him with horny rhinos, wild ostrich rodeos and a slew of supporting players like Shaquille O’Neal and Kevin Nealon, whose mere presence is supposed to signal comedy despite the absence of actual jokes.

Sandler would rather fall off an ostrich, get knocked down by a parachute or give someone else the spotlight than actually be funny, as if even he lacks confidence in his talents to carry a movie.

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