Bloody Diamonds at the Bovine

Singer Sara Elizabeth slays

BLOODY DIAMONDS at the Bovine Sex Club, Friday, April 3. Rating: NNN 

Hailing from Halifax, Bloody Diamonds slayed the youngsters hovering in the sweaty atmosphere of the Bovine on Good Friday, flooring them with their brand of heavy riff-rock.

The real story with Bloody Diamonds, hands down, is lead singer Sara Elizabeth. There are very few people with pipes that come close to her controlled-yet-wild dynamic. Although she doesn’t stray much from her main trick—an otherworldly, carefully wavering wail—it’s so incredibly effective that it doesn’t matter. Elizabeth’s voice distracts from the band’s mostly straight-up alternative guitar rock enough that onlookers needn’t focus on much else. Although lead guitarist Jake Seaward’s riffs are monstrous earworms, to be fair, there is no distraction from the real pull of Bloody Diamonds, which is Elizabeth’s bewitching stage presence.

By the end of the night, Bloody Diamonds was tired, but they left everything on the stage, pulling out all stops possible and leaving exhausted. Elizabeth’s voice is next level, but could benefit from a backing and atmosphere that matches it wholeheartedly. 

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