Is there a body part youre appreciating more than you used to?

"Is there a body part or physical attribute that youre appreciating more than you used to?""Nope, my interests have been.

“Is there a body part or physical attribute that youre appreciating more than you used to?”

“Nope, my interests have been pretty consistent,” said 59.7% of you.

But the other 40.3% got back to us: “Yes, actually.”

Among whose interests have evolved, rear ends were pretty popular: one person declared 2015 “the Year of Butt Stuff.” See the word cloud at top for the most frequently recurring responses.

But we also heard:

I’ve been noticing men’s hands. I want them to be large and strong-looking.

Never thought I had breasts before, but after having a child I learned to recognize and love my breasts.


Cock. I am now an aficionado of them, whereas before I just liked them.

Beards never used to like them, but now I find them hot. Within reason.

breast that droop a bit


armpit hair

Oscar Isaac

Grey hair. Go figure.

My lover is really loud in bed. I love it, but it would have annoyed me years ago.

Backs, for who-the-fuck-knows-why reasons, given that all the good stuff’s at the front.



Blue eyes. I never liked them, until Uhtred of Bebbanburg showed me otherwise. Thank you, BBC.

My body in general. I’ve gained weight, but I feel sexy with my clothes off. I think my partner gets some credit for that.

appreciating ‘”smaller” breast size more

Dudes cheekbones! Particularly above a beard. They somehow embody sweetness. For an example, see Richard Armitage as Thorin Oakenshield in The Hobbit.

Tattoos. I am becoming one of those guys that are attracted to inked, alternative ladies.

my mind

As I get older, I find myself focused less on the physical attributes and more on the heart and mind behind them.

receding hairline

a full head of hair

a little more weight on a person

Dimples. I never cared about them before, but my boyfriend has the most amazing dimples.


a nice round, soft belly

red hair

my crooked toes

my freckles

Chest hair yo!

My sexual maturity is deepening daily. Maturity means expanding the mind and eliminating preferences.

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