Brandon Wolfe Scott

The Postcard Writer

If Brandon Wolfe Scott’s EP sounds like it was made to entertain grandparents, it’s because it sort of was. A member of Yukon Blonde, Scott had been squirrelling these song ideas away in a notebook for a while, and after spending time listening to country music at his grandfather’s house in Vancouver, he decided to flesh them out for a record.

The sugary feel of this backstory pervades these six songs, which are basic through and through. He mostly sings in a low-register twang, occasionally raising his voice for emotive emphasis, sounding custom-made for a mid-afternoon Canadian folk festival this summer. He generally employs adept, familiar acoustic guitar fingerpicking, with ambient production flourishes that are often tasteful and subtle.

The tunes themselves are decidedly romantic, and while he’s acknowledged that he was initially worried that they might be “hokey,” he didn’t trust that instinct enough. Rife with clichés (“As I’m working 9 to 5 / All I think of is you sleeping on your side”), The Postcard Writer aims for laid-back but lands on lazy.

Top track: All That I’ve Done

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