A History Of Reasons

Some bands emerge so fully formed and polished, it makes you wonder how they got to that place so quickly. Toronto’s Cairo are like that. Their full-length debut album sounds like a major-label release, all high production values and commercial-radio finesse despite being funded through PledgeMusic. Their sound is cinematic, moody pop reminiscent of a less playful Gotye. It’s earnest. Very earnest.

Frontman Nate Daniels, born in Vancouver, tackles big subjects – see standout track Age/Sex/Race – and sings with sensual seriousness. Violin and synths add lushness and ambient texture. High guitar leads chime. The album’s first half benefits from smart songwriting, surprising arrangements and pop hooks. But those things eventually fall by the wayside for less interesting soundscape drama and pensive balladry.

Top track: Age/Sex/Race

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