Camp Wavelength gets Toronto music fans on island time

Do Make Say Think lifts off, The Wooden Sky goes jogging and Maylee Todd gives birth to dreams

DO MAKE SAY THINK, THE WOODEN SKY and others as part of Camp Wavelength at Artscape Gibraltar Point, August 28-30. Rating: NNNN

“We’re on the island, bitches,” exclaimed Airick Woodhead of Montreal electro group Doldrums. “This ain’t the big city no more.”

He was right. Although the extreme artiness of the first Camp Wavelength definitely brought to mind the skuzzier streets said art was born from, everyone was decidedly on Island time, and the festival’s attractions were less “in your face” and more just sitting around waiting to be discovered. 

Art installations peppered the path to the shores of Gibraltar Point Beach, which featured the handy NIGHTLIFEGUARD station and Zoo Owl’s environmental visuals (including a forest dragon with lasers!). Physical activity, sorely missing from most music fests, was close at hand, too: The Wooden Sky’s Gavin Gardiner hosted a morning jog on Saturday, and good times crew Posi Vibez held a game of Orbz (aka Capture The Flag). Emcee Maylee Todd put tiny scrolls people wrote their dreams and wishes on into a condom, then into her vagina onstage, walked around with them all day and “gave birth” Saturday night.

The tunes took centre stage most of the time, though, with standout sets by locals Holy Fuck, LIDS, the Wooden Sky and Moon King, and an especially blitzed-out half hour of psych-dance from Brooklyn’s hyper-colourful Prince Rama.

But Do Make Say Think’s headlining slot on Sunday was head and shoulders above the rest. Charles Spearin, thinking about what brought everyone together, said, “We’re here for that feeling in your chest, where you just feel uplifted.” Then the band launched into fan favourite Auberge Le Mouton Noir. Lift-off achieved. | @mattgeewilliams

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