Can I Call This Town Mine?

God Made Me Funky's ode to Toronto

To celebrate NOW’s site relaunch, Toronto funk wizards God Made Me Funky premiere their celebratory new video, Can I Call This Town Mine? (Cruisin’ Cross the T-Dot), right here on NOW Daily!

The video chronicles lead rap attack PHATT al on his cross-town, late-night trip home (Little Ethiopia to Scarberia, which coincidentally rhyme). Along the way there are some memories of Sam the Record Man and a surreal moment around Greektown. Also look out for a Hitchcockian cameo from video director Brian Smith!


(Full credits for the video are pasted below. Above: Kevin Brathwaite, PHATT al and Lynzie Kent at the video shoot.)

God Made Me Funky’s new music video.

Cruisin’ Cross The T-dot

(Can I call this town mine?)

Artist: God Made Me Funky

Director: Brian Smith

You and Media/NOW Tube Productions

[End Credits]

Cruisin’ Cross The T-dot

(Can I call this town mine?)

Directed by Brian Smith

Written by Brian Smith, PHATT al & Jim Clayton

Starring: PHATT al, Kevin Brathwaite, & Lynzie Kent & Danny Argyle

Featuring: Matthew Bortolin, Marika Schwandt, Lucas Jagelewski,

Bryan Law & Brian Smith

Camera: James Tamblyn & James Tavian Alexander

Edited by Bryan Law & Adam Sawicki

Dream Sequence VFX: Kiri Stenberg

Music: PHATT al, God Made Me Funky & Jim Clayton

Audio Recording & Production: Peter Natale

Thanks to Joshua Errett & NOW Magazine, Jym Campbell, Sara Basso,

Amber Harper-Young, Lauren Brooke Fisher & Marie Larsson

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