Canada sidesteps U.S.-Mexico climate deal

Didn't Harper say just say greenhouse gases need a "continental response"?

Surprise! Canada has opted to sit on the sidelines as its North American trading partners move ahead with a climate change deal.

Funny, back in December PM Harper told Canadians it doesn’t make sense to regulate greenhouse gas emissions without a “continental response.”

Fast-forward three months and the U.S. and Mexico have announced a joint task force to coordinate climate policy. It comes on the heels of Mexico’s pledge to cut emissions 22 per cent below “business as usual levels” by 2030.

In preparation for the Paris climate talks later this year, countries have been asked to submit their GHG reduction targets by March 31. The U.S. just submitted its proposed target to cut emissions 22 to 28 per cent from 2005 levels by 2025. Environment Canada says it will be skipping out on that target deadline, too. | @ecoholicnation

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