Really good last-minute canna-gifts for everyone on your shopping list

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Let’s be honest, there’s probably a good chance someone on your shopping list is hoping to receive a box filled with weed this winter season. This year, all can agree that the struggle was real and many credit weed, in its many forms, for helping get everyone to December.

This is why Good Supply 510 vapes make a great addition to your wish list.

While others aspire to be great and like to take on all the expectations of staying great, Good Supply is a weed brand that embraces the good. In fact, they believe that good is better than great. They aren’t about all the bells and whistles, they’re literally about good weed at a good price.

This weed and vape brand is already a hit at your local licensed retailer and is known for bringing you the stuff you know and love without any compromises in quality and flavour. Good Supply’s 510 vapes are consumer favourites, and they have been Canada’s number one vape brand since June 2020.[1]

With a Good Supply 510 vape, you can skip the apple-turned-bong. These vapes provide enthusiasts with a lowkey way to get high, without the tell-tale smell. Once you take a hit from one of these 510 vapes, your rolling papers or pipe might get a little jealous.

No need to stress about gifting vapes. As one of Canada’s leading licensed producers, Good Supply only offers products that are approved by Health Canada and meticulously tested to ensure the highest quality. So you can rest assured, your gift will go to a good home this winter season!

All Good Supply 510 vapes are high potency with 80% THC and pack a punch of THC and weed inspired aromas. With a potency level like this, you’ll be giving someone the gift of riding out the rest of the winter season—robe and slippers not included. Good Supply vapes take a fruit-forward spin on the classic weed varieties and are available in five different 510 vape products.

Good Supply has created a gift guide to help you find a product that is perfect for everyone on your shopping list. These suggestions will push weed enthusiasts in the right direction when it comes to last minute shopping.

For those who are trying weed again:

Pineapple Express

Maybe they took a few months off before realizing that life was much more peaceful while relaxing on a beach. For those who enjoy a good stoner film and are missing their timeshare in Hawaii, the bestselling Pineapple Express 510 vape is exactly what they need.

This vape has aromas of mango and pineapple, sure to be a hit in the best way possible.

For those who like to keep it funky:

Purple Monkey

Because sometimes a little monkeying around is much needed after a long day, week, or even year! You can’t go wrong with the smooth, grape-inspired aromas of the hard-hitting Purple Monkey. Perfect for those who don’t take things too seriously, especially during the winter season!

For those who are always lit at seasonal gatherings:

White Widow

Upon arriving at dinner, they quickly head straight for the appetizer table. This is where they will stay for the entire evening, right beside the plate of bacon cream cheese pinwheels. Even if this year’s seasonal gatherings look different, you can always depend on this person to be all about their well thought-out munchies.

A White Widow 510 vape will make the perfect gift for an experienced user. This potent strain bites back with spicy citrus and floral notes.

For those who live bud:

Tangie Kush

For those who consider toking to be one of their main hobbies, they’ll surely get down with the citrusy Tangie Kush vape. This high THC distillate has tangerine aromas and pairs extremely well with an evening spent relaxing. When people are allowed to socialize in large groups again, the Tangie Kush vape is sure to be the center of attention at every party.

For those who are stressed AF:

Blue Dream

It’s a pretty universal feeling that this year needs to chill. The Blue Dream 510 vape cartridge oozes berry-inspired aromas, which may help one forget about all the shopping and potentially burning the 20-pound turkey. Like the other Good Supply 510 vapes, the Blue Dream will provide approximately 350 draws.

Visit for more information on the products and where you can find them.

[1] Headset Canadian Insights (BC, AB, SK, ON retail stores) – Jun to Sep 2020

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