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Deadline: July 2, 2021

As the Programmatic Digital Operations Lead, you will be responsible for the execution of demand-side programmatic advertising campaigns working in conjunction with our sales reps. The role involves buying inventory from multiple sources to fulfill and optimize digital advertising campaigns, interpret data analysis and produce post-campaign dashboards for advertisers. You will be asked to take part in the post-campaign review with our sales reps and advertisers with a sharp eye on renewing campaigns.


Deadline: July 15, 2021

The successful candidate will have a strong understanding of design thinking and craft and be able to translate a big idea across multiple channels. Your portfolio is robust and well rounded, and demonstrates a range of design concepts that include editorial design, branding/identity, digital, and communication design. You keep abreast of recent trends on various platforms and find creative ways to apply them into your work.

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Will I receive acknowledgment of my application?

While we make every effort to acknowledge receipt of all applications, this is not always possible. You will be contacted directly should we wish to arrange for an interview.

How long will my resume be kept?

We will keep your resume for a period of six months. Remember to update your resume to reflect changes in personal information and new experiences, and please consider new opportunities as they present themselves.

Will I receive acknowledgment of my intern application?

We receive many applications for intern positions and due to the volume, we are not able to acknowledge every application. However, we do carefully review all applications and where applicable, match them with our department needs.

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