Catch The Throne


Rating: NN

Catch The Throne was put up on Soundcloud last week as hype for Game Of Thrones’ new season, and HBO managed to gather a pretty impressive roster: Common, Daddy Yankee and Big Boi are but three of the artists featured (but not Lil’ Jon Snow or Kanye Westeros?) on this cheap and efficient attempt at hyping the show to a musically savvy audience.

The backing tracks are all tarted-up segments from the show’s score punctuated by character dialogue at both ends. The excerpts and tinny production are annoying at times, but all the artists are game, seemingly unashamed to be caught up in the network’s marketing machine, especially Snow Tha Product and Wale, who spit fire like Khaleesi’s dragons. (Sample Wale lyrics: “Seein’ haters tryna bring me down, no / King Slayer knock you out your crown.)

These aren’t likely to draw new faces in, however: the songs aren’t bad, but it’s more novelty than anything else.

Top track: King Slayer, by Wale

Game Of Thrones returns to HBO on April 6.

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