Check out some of our recent Best Toronto Albums covers

Viletones, Oscar Peterson, Azari & III and many, many more

Over the past few months, the NOW Tube gang has been busy putting together 50:50, our music video series tied into NOW’s list of the Best Toronto Albums Ever. Ever week (or so) a band comes in, covers a song from one of our 50 Best Toronto Albums, and we cut a music video. Because you might not be checking every week, here are some of our recent favourites:

TV Freaks (who have a new album coming out soon see review this Thursday) take on The Viletones punk classic Screaming Fist. Watch it here.

Thompson Egbo-Egbo, the Toronto pianist and educator, did Wheatland from Oscar Peterson’s Canadiana Suite. Watch it here.

Benjamin Boles contracted psychedelic projections for his inventive take on Azari & III’s Reckless (With Your Love). Watch it here.

Maiko Watson & Jeeks had a lovely, soulful version of Love And Light from Sandro Perri’s Impossible Spaces. Watch it here.

Gay, the local jangle-poppers, get funky with a cover of Rough Trade’s Birds Of A Feather. Watch it here.

Finally, in honour of the new Drake record being leaked, here’s local poet Robert Priest doing the whitest white guy cover of Take Care you can imagine.

Make sure to bookmark the 50:50 site and check back for new videos.

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