Chief’s big FU to former police board chair

Time to put up or shut up for Toronto police chief Mark Saunders. Or is it?Hard to tell after a.

Time to put up or shut up for Toronto police chief Mark Saunders. Or is it?

Hard to tell after a dust-up with former Toronto Police Services Board chair Alok Mukherjee last week over the latter’s article in NOW on the police shooting of Sammy Yatim.

Saunders got his back up in a year-end interview with the Star over the article that appeared in the November 26 issue of NOW, which challenges Saunders claim that the force has implemented 94 per cent of the 84 recommendations in retired Supreme Court justice Frank Iacobuccis report on police encounters with emotionally disturbed people. The report was commissioned in the wake of the highly publicized 2013 police shooting death of Yatim.

I dont want to respond to comments that arent accurate,” Saunders told the Star when he was asked by reporter Wendy Gillis about Mukherjee’s article.

Citing aspersions on the integrity of my piece, Mukherjee whipped off a letter to current board chair Andrew Pringle in response January 4 asking the board to assist me in obtaining from Chief Saunders a full explanation of his comment within seven business days.

That deadline passed yesterday with a letter to Mukherjee from acting police board chair Chin Lee saying that the board will take his request “into consideration in the context of the Board’s performance monitoring function.” Which means we probably haven’t heard the last of this one. | @enzodimatteo


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