Battle Of The Bards top spot goes to Chris Chambers

Maureen Hynes, Sarah Pinder and David Scott Tysdal take runner-up spots at hotly contested war of words

Harbourfront Centre’s Brigantine Room was rammed last night for the eighth annual Battle Of The Bards. Twenty very diverse poets read from their works, vying for a spot on next fall’s International festival Of Authors slate and an ad in NOW Magazine.

The jury, comprised of IFOA Director Geoffrey Taylor, Artistic Associate Jen Tindall 2015 IFOA Poetry Games Champion Andy McGuire, named Chris Chambers the winner. Chambers presented works from Thrillows & Despeiros ((Wolsak and Wynn) with an improbable combination of passion and irony.

Other competitors given IFOA slots are Maureen Hynes, Sarah Pinder and Daniel Scott Tysdal. All of them found the perfect balance in their readings – they neither only honoured the text with a flat reading or brought to much drama to their work. Intensity is what worked for all of them.

The buzz in the room throughout the evening gave proof that poetry can be a big draw and that the fans are loyal and passionate.

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