Chris Hadfield

Space Sessions: Songs From A Tin Can

Chris Hadfield has taken a long, winding path to becoming a wannabe pop star. The Canadian astronaut, guitar-strummer, Twitter celebrity and media-hogging nuisance had to go all the way to outer space and back just to cut a record of dopey guitar pop songs that otherwise wouldn’t deserve play in your stepdad’s old station wagon.

Hadfield sings about space and smoke and riding the lightning (not in the cool Metallica way but in a jangly, hand-clappy Fred Penner way) and whether the wind is blowing past his baby while he’s way up there in space. For anyone who has ever orbited the Earth, it may all be very sweet and relatable. For the rest of us, it’s another annoying rollout in Hadfield’s obnoxious program of shameless self-promotion, much of which seems to be stage-managed by his sycophantic, social-media-savvy son Evan.

As the promo material makes abundantly clear, the guitar and vocal tracks were captured in outer space. This gives Space Sessions the distinction of being the first album recorded “off planet.” They should have left it there.

Top track: Space Oddity (which benefits from not being written by Hadfield) 

Chris Hadfield plays Massey Hall October 28.

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