Chromeo – White Women

(Last Gang)

Rating: NNN

Of all the electro rock bands that emerged in the early 00s, few would have guessed that Montreal funk-obsessed duo Chromeo would be playing the big festival stages a decade later. Memorable hooks aside, they’ve always been overtly goofy in that peculiarly Quebecois way. Still, Daft Punk have proven that the public is ready for disco revival tunes that embrace the kitschier aspects of the genre, so maybe it’s not surprising that Chromeo are bigger now than ever.

The band’s calling the sound “Larry David funk,” which is as good a description as any the critics have come up with. Still, the comedy reference is puzzling, since they obviously take this stuff seriously, constantly telling anyone who’ll listen that there’s nothing ironic about their love of Cameo and Rick James. But are we really supposed to believe that a song like Sexy Socialite isn’t at least a bit tongue-in-cheek? Thankfully, the novelty disco elements are balanced by enough rock-solid grooves that the cheesier moments don’t stink up the whole thing.

Top track: Lost On The Way Home (feat. Solange)

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