Now you can recycle more types of plastic

City expands Blue Bin program

If you’ve been diligently recycling bread bags, flyer bags or that clear plastic wrap that keeps stuff like toilet paper rolls together, you’ve been wasting your time – until now. As of June 1, Toronto has expanded the list of plastics it will accept in the Blue Bin in hopes of diverting another 3,500 tonnes of waste from landfill.

Clear plastic bags used for milk, newspapers, flyers and frozen veggies, as well as dry cleaning bags and in-store produce bags (which you should say no to altogether) are now recyclable.

These bags and wrappers will mostly end up getting recycled into yet more plastic bags, and should help the city inch toward its 55 per cent waste diversion target for 2015. Single-family homes already recycle or compost 66 per cent of their waste. But if Toronto’s ever going to meet its goal of 70 per cent diversion, it will have to seriously hustle to get apartment buildings on stream. At this point, apartment dwellers are still landfilling three-quarters of their waste. | @ecoholicnation

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