Comet Control

(Tee Pee)

Rating: NNNN

When Quest for Fire flickered to life from the embers of the Deadly Snakes and Cursed back in 2007, they proved that Ontarians could one-up the stoner psych of BC’s Black Mountain, even if those guys drew inspiration from better weed. Quest fizzled out last year, their light-sludge psychedelia growing sonorous and one-note. Now, from those ashes rise Comet Control, featuring ex-Deadly Snakes/Quest guitarists Andrew Moszynski and Chad Ross.

Album opener Blast Magic feels decidedly Questy, but with the booming riffs reaching a crescendo of tangled guitar solos. It sounds like a rocket blasting off. Across their debut’s eight tracks, the band sustains the weedy, stoner psyche haze. But poppy hooks (Ultra Bright), acoustic twanging (Fear The Haze) and coiling keys (Century, which sounds like a fuzzed-out Stereolab loop) pierce through the smog.

There’s plenty here to nod – and, sure, even bang – your head to.

Top track: Blast Magic

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