Contest: Malibu Rum is sending six lucky winners and their friends on a yacht tour of the Toronto harbour

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The summer we’ve all been waiting for is well underway: beach hangouts with friends, backyard barbeques and patio parties. It’s a pleasant change from spending hours lounging on the couch with a bowl of mac ‘n’ cheese in one hand and the television remote in the other.

By now, we’re all ready to bust out our pool floaties, bocce ball sets and margarita machines. There’s still an alarming amount of pent-up party energy, which is why we need to reunite and share some drinks with our friends. Preferably somewhere without a dance floor as our moves are looking pretty rusty.

To help you embrace spontaneity and make the most out of every occasion in the next few months, Malibu Rum has launched an exciting new campaign. Let The Funshine promotes summer spirit and good times, while celebrating sunshine, as we move forward from pandemic-related lockdowns and cancelled events. The brand’s fresh campaign also includes a unique contest for Torontonians itching for a one-of-a-kind experience. 

To celebrate friendship, optimism and a more social summer, Malibu Rum is hosting a contest for a one-day-only boat takeover around the Toronto Harbour. To enter, participants will have to scour the city for posters and scan the QR code, giving their contact information. Six lucky winners will be selected to bring their bubble, consisting of friends or family members, on a chartered yacht tour. 

So put on your running shoes, pack a water bottle and embark on a journey for the QR code posters hidden around downtown Toronto. If you’re eager to participate in Malibu Rum’s contest, visit

If any brand understands the importance of spontaneity and warm weather, it’s Malibu Rum. The delicious spirit was born in the Caribbean, where living in the moment and making memories lasts year round.

Malibu Rum is like sunshine in a bottle and features a smooth coconut taste. With every sip, you’ll be transported to a tropical island with steel drums playing in the background. When in reality, you’re sitting on your patio with a couple friends, overlooking a crowded parking lot – same, same.

Unlike some other spirits that pack an impressive punch of flavour, Malibu Rum is extremely versatile and the ways one can enjoy it are endless. 

The clear Caribbean rum can be served on its own over ice or mixed into a delicious cocktail like the Malibu Cola or Piña Colada. Sparkling wine enthusiasts can make a Malibu Fizz, elevating their glass with the addition of Malibu Original, fresh lime juice, cranberry juice and even an edible glitter rim. 

If you’re celebrating the end of social distancing by hosting a tropical-themed party, be sure to check out these other refreshing drink recipes

To ensure the safety of those on the yacht, current local and provincial health guidelines will be enforced. 

For more information on Malibu Rum’s contest, click here

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