CIUT 89.5 FM

We create, curate and deliver campus and community programming that reflects and expresses the rich diversity of this great City of ours.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year long, you’ll enjoy fresh, interesting and even challenging radio, brought to you by impassioned volunteers under the leadership of experienced radio industry professionals. That’s what helps make CIUT- FM such an outstanding learning environment and collaborative workplace – one that embraces inclusion, fairmindedness and social relevance.

Our audiences love this station’s programming and our on-air talent because we steadfastly buck the trend of commercial radio that too often is mediocre and repetitive.

Every day, our programming schedule is packed with programs inspired by the rich cultural fabric that defines Toronto as one of the most multicultural and dynamic cities in the world.

With the generous help and financial support of students and listeners alike, CIUT continues to be an oasis of creativity on the FM dial, always welcoming new ideas and eager to enlist, educate and entertain our audiences. From dynamic and eclectic morning shows, multicultural to mainstream music, to edgy political commentary, business insight programming and straight up wonky and wonderful radio you simply won’t hear anywhere else, CIUT is a true original in a sea of sameness.

Bringing you the sound – and news – of your city, each and every day for over 30 years.
From Barrie to Buffalo, from Kitchener to Cobourg, and beyond!