JFL42 Q&A: What do the Lucas Brothers think of Toronto?

This years JFL42 comedy festival is well underway. As various comics take over Toronto through Saturday (September 30), well be.

This years JFL42 comedy festival is well underway. As various comics take over Toronto through Saturday (September 30), well be catching up with a couple of them to check in and see how theyre enjoying themselves and our beloved city.

Last night, we kicked things off with The Lucas Brothers and spoke with the dynamic twin duo (Kenny & Keith) after their hilarious, loose, silly and smoke-filled midnight set at Comedy Bar. We talked about Drake and how they wish to move to the 6ix.

First things first! Is it your first time in Toronto?

Keith: Third time!

Seeing as you arent newbies to the city, do you have a fave spot?

Kenny: Theres this diner we go back to, that shit is dope. The Lakeview.

What are some of your fave things about Toronto?

Keith: I really love the diversity, to be honest. And its not fake diversity, like a lot of cultures but theyre all separate. Everything is so integrated here. Theres Chinatown, Little Italy, Koreatown but they all blend together too. Its amazing. You hardly see in one neighbourhood just one race, which I think is beautiful.

Kenny: Its so amazing. Toronto feels like New York without the anger. It has every quality that New York has: the pubs, the diversity, the food, the culture.

Keith: The culture! Its incredibly rich and I can honestly can see myself living here. I always think about that.

Wed totally take you! What do you think is the funniest thing about Toronto? Or the weirdest?

Kenny: I dont know that this is a joke, but I saw a protest. A Toronto protest, which was weird cuz I had never seen a protest in another country. It was cute and weird. [The protesters] were still very polite about it. Just speaking very politely. They just wanted paid weeks off. It wasnt angry.

Keith: Is there bitterness here? Of course theres some…

We tend to have imposter syndrome. And in entertainment youre not taken seriously until youre respected in the U.S. Everyone ends up moving to New York or LA.

Kenny: But that still means that the county is able to produce incredibly talented people. I think people lose that fact… but Drake reps Toronto incredibly hard.

Whats the most hilarious thing about Drake?

Keith [laughing]: Hes just a cool dude! You look up the definition of cool and its him.

Kenny [laughing]: He makes it work! Im not gonna front, and he knows it, hes a divine spirit! He knows hes above everyone else. When I met him I felt like I was in front of a god. It was weird!

Keith: Hes like the governor of Toronto. He has the power. He has all the *real* power. Someone told me he was setting up side deals with teams to get players. Its the craziest shit.

Kenny: Hes got political power. You got money, you got influence, you got political power.

Its like House Of Cards but Drake. House Of Drake.

Keith: I think that would be more fun. If Drake was in it Id watch the show.

What was something that surprised you about Toronto when you first came here?

Kenny: The cold!

Keith: In terms of the city itself, its cleaner than Id expect a big city to be. In terms of comedy? The audiences are some of the best.

Kenny: Top 5. Smart, patient.

Keith: I think this is the best comedy experience weve ever had. Its really bizarre. Weve been traveling throughout the states and its just a different energy. Just a totally different vibe.

Kenny: I feel like you guys are less tense.

Were stressed for you guys.

Kenny: Yeah! You feel bad for us and I can feel it! We can say things and we dont get a groan or whatever.

Keith: I dont feel discomfort. Less worry about being offensive. In the States, college kids are so uptight. I guess its trying times right now but I think you need comedy to buttress that. You need jokes for something.

Kenny: It cant all be fucking serious.

Keith: Its weird now.

Kenny: Its a weird time. But this has been liberating.

Keith: Thats why were thinking about moving here and just focusing on stand-up. The scene is so vibrant!

People dont realize how dope it is.

Kenny: Its a place you can grow as a stand-up. And its close to New York.

The Lucas Brothers have finished their five show JFL42 stint, but theres tons of other comedy acts. Check out the JFL42 calendar and grab yourself a pass.

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