Joanne O’Sullivan

Rating: NNNNNWhen local stand-up neophyte Joanne O'Sullivan isn't busy working with people with eating disorders, she's appearing on TV shows.

Rating: NNNNN

When local stand-up neophyte Joanne O’Sullivan isn’t busy working with people with eating disorders, she’s appearing on TV shows like Elvira Kurt’s Adventures In Comedy and writing and performing one-woman shows. She also hosts her own competitive stand-up event, Stand-Off, the last Tuesday of every month.

What made you decide to make stand-up into a contest? I thought the best way to endear myself to the veterans would be to force them to take audience suggestions, write bits in under 10 minutes, then compete for a silly trophy. I was right. I’m very popular now.

As a new comic, how do you deal with bombing? I applaud myself for being the smartest person in the room.

Any moments when you weren’t so smart? I stole a screw from a hardware store because it was under the sign “Wood Screws” and I couldn’t wait to show my friends that a screw made of wood could look so much like metal.

What’s your take on the state of Ontario politics? Mike Harris finally stopped the terrible uprising among the ruthless homeless, those evil welfare recipients, scary single mothers and violent new immigrants. Thank god he took money from them to pad the pockets of the upper class and corporations. Yeah, right!

Any new projects on the go? I’ve decided to go into the restaurant business. It was with great joy that I discovered a brand-spanking-new Hooters in Toronto. I was going to build a restaurant beside it for women named Cox. But then somebody pointed out that I’d still only get men. So I’ve opted for Joanne’s Place, Where You Don’t Have To Eat In The Wet Spot.Tuesday (May 30) at STand-off, Clinton’sJoanne O’Sullivan

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