>>>Fringe Review: Swordplay: A Play Of Swords


Al Green Theatre

Rating: NNNN

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Comedy troupe Sex T-Rex sharpen their weapons and deliver the goods in this spoof of video games (mostly old rather than new), Errol Flynn movies and TV fantasy shows like Game Of Thrones.

After a century of fighting, rival kingdoms Garland and Tirngaard are still at it, kidnapping princesses, gutting enemies, riding dragons and generally going at it blade to blade.

Under director Alec Toller, the very able cast of energetic improvisers (Josef Addleman, Conor Bradbury, Julian Frid, Kaitlin Morrow and Seann Murray) make mincemeat of sword-and-sorcery heroics, 1980s video graphics and the Three Musketeers. And thanks to fight director Kevin MacPherson, they’re pretty fleet-footed and -handed with their rubber weapons, too.

The result is a fast-paced and clever show with a number of throwaway lines adding to the script’s humour, especially when things don’t go as planned. 

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