Play nearly 100 free games online from Toronto Game Jam 2020

The annual indie gaming event produced 94 new games – including one about hoarding toilet paper

For the past 15 years, the Toronto Game Jam, aka TOJam, has been giving local game developers a place to gather, trade ideas and casually build games. This year was the first time the event happened remotely. From May 8-10, developers got together over Discord and Twitch. By the end of three days, they had created 94 new games from scratch. And now you can play them all for free

Some are download games, some mobile, while many of them are also playable in your browser. Most of them follow a COVID-19 Together But Apart theme. There’s Quadruple Dragon, a game where you have to control two characters on both sides of your screen simultaneously. There’s Celestial Correspondence, a game about answering emails. Pretty Fly For A 2 Ply is about hoarding toilet paper. Video Call Operator is a spinning-plates style game about setting up Zoom calls. In Another Castle turns the tedium of you and your partner deciding what to watch into a puzzle.  

Many are classic arcade-style games with simple concepts that you can learn quickly and get an immediate rush of fast fun. There’s also some Jackbox-style party games, like the dating sim First Impressions, designed to play remotely with friends, maybe even with a beverage in hand. 

You could easily lose a good chunk of your workday clicking around these games (or pass a lot of time waiting for the Nook’s Cranny store to reopen so you can sell your turnips in Animal Crossing, no judgement), so be careful. Click around, try a few out, and read the credits of the (mostly) Toronto folks who made them – chances are they’ve got other, less spontaneously made games waiting to be played.

And there goes your week. 


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