Morro And Jasp, Anywhere to play Best of Fringe 2018

Eight shows from this year's Toronto Fringe Festival will get remounts at the Studio Theatre during the recently revived mini-festival

NOW cover stars Morro and Jasp, Natalie Frijia’s solo show Bikeface and Michael Ross Albert’s thriller Anywhere are among the Fringe Fest shows returning to the stage next month.

The productions are among the eight shows playing as part of mini-festival The Best of Fringe, which takes place at the uptown venue Studio Theatre at the Toronto Centre for the Arts. 

The event was cancelled in 2017 following the amalgamation of three city-owned theatres, including the Sony Centre and St. Lawrence Centre (it now has the working title Civic Theatres Toronto), and has always been helpful for audience members who couldn’t snag a ticket to sold-out shows during the Fringe.

Civic Theatres Toronto is bringing the fest back on August 17. In addition to Morro And Jasp’s Save The Date, Bikeface and Anywhere, other NOW-approved shows playing include the improvised British farce Entrances And Exits, Sex T-Rex’s improv show D&D Live! and the dark-but-uplifting comedy F*cking Perfect.

Tickets cost $20 and go on sale July 24 at 10 am via The schedule is below:

Anywhere by Michael Ross Albert (One Four One Collective): August 17 at 7 pm (see NNNN review).

Morro And Jasp: Save the Date by Morro and Jasp (U.N.I.T. Productions): August 21 at 7 pm and August 23 at 9 pm (see NNNNN review).

Prank by Danny Pagett (Thundermind Theatre): August 18 at 7 pm (see NNN review).

Entrances And Exits by the company (The Howland Company): August 22 at 9 pm and August 23 at 7 pm (see NNNN review).

D&D Live! created by the company (Sex T-Rex): –August 19 at 9 pm (see NNNN review).

Bikeface by Natalie Frijia (Trailblazing Ladies): August 18 at 9 pm (see NNNN review).

First Dates by Wes Berger (Clutch Performance Theatre Co.): August 19 at 7 pm (see NN review).

F*cking Perfect by the company (Chocolatekiss Collective): August 22 at 7 pm (see NNNN review). | @jordgoldman

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