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More original musicals, less jukebox crap Sure,.

More original musicals, less jukebox crap

Sure, everyone knows the songs of ABBA, Queen, the Four Seasons and (insert your fave retro group here). But what made a show like Spring Awakening so fresh was the contemporary musical take on an old story.

More smart site-specific works, fewer lazy BYOVs

Shows like Billy Nothin’, performed at the Honest Ed’s loading dock, or the Gladstone Variations, performed in and around the Gladstone Hotel, or anything by bluemouth inc. are memorable because the setting added to the experience. These days, many bring-your-own-venue shows happen when a company didn’t get a Fringe slot.

More taking chances on new comics, less recycling


Why were TV shows by Jon Dore and Pat Thornton (Hotbox) cancelled, and why did The Nikki Payne Show appear with little fanfare for what seemed like one episode? Yes, Corner Gas was funny, but do we really need a spinoff?

More inventive ways to show a variety of dance, less burlesque

When was the last time you saw audiences whooping it up, then signing up to take lessons while buying merch on the stage? That’s what happened during the Fringe when aerial dance troupe Femmes du Feu presented their kickass show Head First. On the other hand, the still-prevalent burlesque scene bores. Female empowerment. Tassels on titties. We get it.


More beverages in theatres, fewer places that allow only water

So lemme get this straight. You can bring coffee and beer and snacks into the plush-seated Canon Theatre, but you can only take water into most other places? I don’t think a post-dinner 8 pm cappuccino’s going to turn your venue into dinner theatre.

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