>>> Fringe Review: Dance Animal: Toronto

DANCE ANIMAL: TORONTO by Robin Henderson. Tarragon Mainspace..

DANCE ANIMAL: TORONTO by Robin Henderson. Tarragon Mainspace. July 4 at 1 pm, July 7 at 11 pm, July 8 at 9:30 pm, July 10 at noon. Buy tickets. Rating: NNNNN

Dance Animal first won over local fans in 2010 when the Montreal cast charmed Toronto Fringe audiences.

Now our city gets its own version, with cast members culled from our dynamic comedy scene. Developed by leader “Dance Tiger” a.k.a. Robin Henderson (who also performs, directs and choreographs), Dance Animal is a high-energy mashup of monologues, dance, sketch comedy and verse.

Each member of the stellar cast (Guy Bradford, Kat Letwin, Michael MacEachern, Simon McCamus, Allison Price, Vanessa Salazar, Kevin Vidal, Leighton Williams, Carol Zoccoli) developed an animal persona and performs with abandon. The show is campy, sexy fun, complete with hilarious neighbourhood references.

The performers fully commit and run with the idea like animals escaping the zoo. And that’s what Dance Animal is about at its heart: freedom to be yourself and find your own tribe. Dance Animal: Toronto unleashes pure joy.

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