Six on Sex in the City

Performers sound off on love, lust and other four-letter words

Rating: NNNNN

“Love is…” Jeremy Hotz: “… the first phase of losing half your shit.”

Sonia Rodriguez: “… a score in tennis.”

Tanya Crowder: “… a full-time job.”

Gavin Crawford: “… never having to say ‘Finish me off!'”

Most romantic thing youve done? Caroline Azar: Got engaged in the wake of the world going to hell.

Rodriguez: Said “Yes.”

Hottest film sex scene? Rodriguez: Caruso and Fiorentino in Jade.

Crawford: Thompson and Goldblum in The Tall Guy.

Azar: A toss between Spader and Sarandon in White Palace and Deneuve and Sarandon in The Hunger.

Hotz: Lassie Come Home: Director’s Cut.

What does your show have to do with love or sex? Azar: It politicizes cunnilingus.

Rodriguez: Romeo And Juliet — need I say more?

Where are you on the Kinsey scale, with 0 being exclusively heterosexual and 6 being exclusively homosexual?

R.H. Thomson: Herr Kinsey was a mixed-up man. My worry is that his scales are equally mixed-up.

Crawford: Five.

Azar: Esperanto!

Secret to a good long-term relationship?

Azar: Space — the final frontier.

Thomson: Love/respect/like.

… to a good short-term relationship? Hotz: Moving.

If you were a candy heart, what would your message be?

Rodriguez: Eat Me.

Hotz: See Other Heart.

Crawford: Watch My Show.

Chocolate or flowers? Azar: Rosebuds.

Rodriguez: Diamonds.

Hotz: Neither. Chocolate melts and flowers die. Give me something that lasts. A tortoise is nice.

Seduction tips? Azar: Sing Duran Duran at karaoke to the object of your desire.

Thomson: Turn off the TV.

What music gets you in da mood? Crowder: Marvin Gaye.

Rodriguez: Ravel’s Bolero — it’s a 10.

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