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Rating: NNNNNTelling TimeWant to stretch International Women's Day (March 8) over the whole weekend? Nightwood Theatre -- which recently, with.

Rating: NNNNN

Telling Time

Want to stretch International Women’s Day (March 8) over the whole weekend? Nightwood Theatre — which recently, with Obsidian Theatre, co-produced The Adventures Of A Black Girl In Search Of God — offers a trio of events called Hourglass: The Shape Of Things To Come. First up is I’m Not Yer Little Lady (Friday), an evening of entertainment featuring the Jane Waynes, Ann Holloway and headliners women ah run tings.

On Saturday, check out a free roundtable symposium on the future of feminism and art, with speakers Lynne Fernie, Brigitte Gall, Nalo Hopkinson, Alex Bulmer and Mirah Soleil-Ross, hosted by Jane Farrow. The weekend concludes Sunday with the 18th annual FemCab cabaret, a Nightwood benefit hosted by Shoshana Sperling and Kate Rigg, with Salome Bey and her daughters Saida Baba Talibah and Tuku Matthews, dancer Peggy Baker, fat activists Pretty Porky and Pissed Off, Sheila Heti, Karen Hines and others.

Nobody’s Foolery’s

The invitation didn’t arrive till last Wednesday, so maybe that explains the meagre media presence at last Friday’s (March 1) “gala opening” of comedy club Tom Foolery’s (194 Bloor West, the former home of Comedywood Downtown). The paparazzi consisted of comic Rodney Pentland (who just turned down an offer from Yuk Yuk’s Mark Breslin) taking snapshots of his stand-up colleagues, who came out in droves for the open bar.

The show itself was OK enough, with Nile Seguin, Boyd Banks, Ryan Belleville, Jessica Holmes and Adam Growe (who headlines there this weekend) delivering solid sets, Clive Felice and Miller Crosby trying hard and MC Harry Doupe — drowned out by night’s end — delivering the best line of the night about the women’s hockey team. Good thing there were no anti-doping tests at the door, though. Maybe it was just me, but two of the acts seemed high on more than life.

The real headliner was the club itself, magically transformed into a classy venue, complete with risers to improve sight lines. Word has it there was an exorcism held there the night before to expel all the ghosts of comics who had died onstage. Hope it helps. The venue has huge potential, with U of T, two subway stops and three major hotels just steps away.

dirty delights

What’s this fascination that award-winning designer Astrid Janson has with earth? In the past few months she’s premiered three productions, and in all of them — Bacchae, The Lost Boys and The Adventures Of A Black Girl In Search Of God — the cast works on soil or fine sand. Talk about helping to ground your actors.

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