kissing the witch by Emma Donoghue. March 15-31 at Tallulah's Cabaret. See openings. Rating: NNNNNCaught up in the spell of.

kissing the witch by Emma Donoghue. March 15-31 at Tallulah’s Cabaret. See openings.

Rating: NNNNN

Caught up in the spell of fairy tales? Check out Kissing The Witch, Irish/Canadian writer Emma Donoghue’s off-the-forest-path version of some familiar stories, reflecting contemporary concerns as well as mythic narratives. Produced by the Wicked Women Co-op, it features actors Elizabeth Dalgleish, Mackenzie Muldoon and Rahnuma Panthaky as a variety of male and female characters. The quintet of stories draws on elements of Beauty And The Beast, The Little Mermaid and Cinderella, but don’t expect the usual endings. “We’ve streamlined the stories, narrated by a trio of witches,” says Muldoon, who has a background in storytelling, “and with director Ellen-Ray Hennessy created a world using text, movement, music and visual imagery.” No stereotyped hags here — the company plays with traditional concepts of the witch, poking fun at them and using different styles to relate female-powered tales of the virgin, the mother and the crone.

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